Video: How to Reduce Rotator Cuff Muscle Tension Using a Lacrosse Ball

Here’s Dr. Alfie demonstrating how to use a lacrosse ball to release tension from tight and sore rotator cuff muscles.


  • Apply tolerable pressure on areas for 30-60 seconds,
  • It is meant to be sore: If it’s not sore, you’re on the wrong spot. If it’s too sore, you’re on the wrong spot.
  • Increase the circumference of the circle you trace with your hand/elbow to change the intensity and direction of the pressure.
  • Suggested frequency:
    • Daily – 1 week,
    • Alternating days – 1 week,
    • Every 3-4 days – 1 week,
    • As needed.

Look out for our other videos on how to use rehabilitation bands to introduce resistance exercise to the rotator cuff.

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