DVA cardholders


We welcome Department of veterans affairs (DVA) Card holders!

If you have a Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) card, you can access chiropractic from our office with no out-of-pocket costs.

Who is eligible?

There are two types of DVA cards: Gold and White.

GOLD CARD VETERANS are covered fully for Chiropractic care. If you have a Gold DVA card, call our office to book your appointment and tell them that you’re a DVA Gold card holder. It’s that easy!

WHITE CARD VETERANS are covered if a referral to a Chiropractor is requested due to an injury sustained or caused by service or war. So if you have a White DVA card, you must obtain a referral from their GP or Medical officer before commencing treatment.

  • Once you have your referral, call our office, inform them that you’re a DVA White Card holder and that you have a valid referral to book your appointment.
  • Referrals are valid for 12 months. You must see your GP or medical officer to renew your referral.

What happens on my first visit to Point Cook Chiropractic Health & Wellness Centre?

Please bring your DVA Card and Referral letter (DVA White Card holders only)

The Chiropractor will assess and diagnose your condition using orthopaedic tests. Depending on your chiropractor’s findings, a set of X-ray films may be requested (which will also be covered by your DVA card).

Your chiropractor will determine an appropriate Chiropractic Care Plan and discuss this with you, which will include the frequency of visits and the number of weeks for those visits.

Are there limits to the number of services I can receive?

Yes, the DVA allows for 12 visits per Treatment Cycle for Chiropractors. Your chiropractor will bear this in mind when recommending their Chiropractic Care Plan with you.

Do I need to pay for treatment?

No, DVA pays the Chiropractor directly for the services provided. If you are asked to pay, contact DVA immediately.

We look forward to helping those who have helped serve our country.

Call our office today on 9394 8888 or click here to book an appointment.

Addressing the Cause

Our intention at Point Cook Chiropractic Health & Wellness Centre is to help you address the Cause of the Symptoms that you may present with. We look for and correct the underlying shifts in the spine that is responsible for these symptoms through chiropractic adjustments and providing appropriate advice on exercises and lifestyle changes.

Click on the conditions below to learn more.

Are you ready to make an appointment?

Our aim is to help you get the care you need. With a thorough examination on the first visit, we can find out if we can help you with chiropractic.

We will help you understand your condition and create a customised plan of care for you. Then once you’ve achieved the necessary improvements, we will advise on how to maintain these changes.

Call us today on 9394 8888 or click here to book online! We’re looking forward to hearing from you!