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Scoliosis is the term used to describe the sideways curvature of the spine. It can occur most often during the growth spurt just before puberty and can be a cause of back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain or headaches in children and adults.

Signs and Symptoms of Scoliosis:


  • Uneven shoulder heights,
  • Uneven waist creases,
  • One shoulder blade that sticks out more than the other,
  • One hip higher than the other,
  • An obvious exaggerated curve of the spine.


  • Discomfort, Stiffness or Pain in the:
    • Neck,
    • Middle back,
    • Low back,
  • Tension headaches,
  • Top of the Shoulder discomfort, especially to one side,
  • Shoulder pain.

Depending on how the spine curves, the curvature may appear like an “S” or “C” shape. (Illustration)

The scoliotic curvature can weaken the integrity of the spine and apply different stresses to the joints compared to a straight spine. This can in turn change the way the muscles function and can lead to pain and discomfort.

Early diagnosis and treatment of scoliosis is important.

Scoliosis affects posture
Postural changes in Scoliosis

Quick Facts:

  • 2-4% of Children will develop some form of scoliosis,
  • Boys and girls develop scoliosis at the same rate but:
    • Girls have a much higher risk of the curve worsening and requiring treatment.
  • Research shows that up to 40% of Adults aged 50-80yo with lower back pain have a scoliosis,
  • The best results for scoliosis treatment occur when it is detected early and treated correctly. 
Short Term and Long Term Effects of Scoliosis

If the scoliosis curve gets worse, it can:

  • Become more noticeable,
    • Unevenness of the hips and shoulders,
    • Prominent ribs,
    • A shift of the waist and torso to the side.
    • Psychological consideration: This can cause the individual to become self-conscious about their appearance and may lead to problems with body image and self-esteem. They may need emotional support.
  • Cause disruption to daily activities because of discomfort or pain,
  • Affect lung and heart function as the rib cage press against these organs:
    • Breathing difficulties,
    • Harder for the heart to pump.
  • Lead to accelerated degeneration of the spinal joints.

How We Can Help People with Scoliosis:

  • Provide appropriate Chiropractic care to:
    • Reduce pain and discomfort,
    • Ease spinal joint restrictions,
    • Reduce muscular imbalance,
    • Improve and optimise spinal function.
  • Provide postural, ergonomic and lifestyle advice to help you manage your condition,
  • Monitor for progression,
  • Refer to appropriate practitioners for co-management, if necessary.

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Addressing the Cause

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