Using Your New ‘Complete Sleeprrr’ Pillow

Congratulations in purchasing one of our ‘Complete Sleeprrr’ pillows from Therapeutic Pillow Australia! Our range of practitioner-prescribed Complete Sleeprrr pillows are designed to give you a better night’s sleep. The contoured shape offer support for your Head, Neck and Shoulders, while the Memory Foam conforms to you to help cradle and cushion. Panels and ‘noodles’ built into the foam allow for you to tailor the pillow to your desired comfort and support levels. This pillow is like no other! Some

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Video: How To Avoid Text Neck While On Public Transport

Text Neck is an overuse condition brought on by repetitive forward head carriage and bending of the neck while using electronic devices, such as phones, tablets and laptops. This results in neck stiffness, tension headaches, shoulder pain or numbness and tingling. Dr. Alfie has made a video to show you a simple way to avoid Text Neck while maintaining your privacy on public transport.

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Sitting On Your Wallet Is Not Good For Your Back. Here’s why…

Wallets are a convenient means of carrying bank notes, credit cards, and other miscellaneous items. When these wallets are placed in back pockets and sat on, it can cause imbalance and compensation to your spine and muscles that may lead to unnecessary pain and suffering. Read on to find out more. A lot of people, particularly men, travel light by putting all their necessary and vital documents in their wallet. These compact containers are stuffed full of papers and paraphernalia

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