How does our Team stay ACTIVE?

DR. ALFIE’S BIKE RIDE Bike Riding from Point Cook to Williamstown: Cycling on a Sunday morning before everybody gets up, gets your exercise over and done with. This track is scenic, calming and a view of West Side Melbourne you can’t catch in a car. YVONNE’S WALKING TRACK Altona Beach to Altona Coastal Park:Starting from the Altona station on the Werribee line. Walk towards the foreshore along Pier St. Turn left (west) into the Esplanade and follow the beach path.

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#LifeOfAChiroStudent Episode #2 – 6 year old Chiropractor? I spent my Friday night with my cousins and family on my Dad’s side. My 6 year old Cousin told me a story of what happened at school. “My teacher asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up. I told her I want to be a Chiropractor!” Of course hearing this made both Dad and I smile like crazy, how could a little man like him so confidently decide Chiropractic

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