Video: The Anti-Gravity Stretch

Reduce tension during the day with this simple stretch at work. Tip: Stand behind your seat so that you have plenty of room to lean back, Involve other workmates!

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Video: How to Reduce Rotator Cuff Muscle Tension Using a Lacrosse Ball

https://youtu.be/QR_wqOwFc04 Here’s Dr. Alfie demonstrating how to use a lacrosse ball to release tension from tight and sore rotator cuff muscles. Tips: Apply tolerable pressure on areas for 30-60 seconds, It is meant to be sore: If it’s not sore, you’re on the wrong spot. If it’s too sore, you’re on the wrong spot. Increase the circumference of the circle you trace with your hand/elbow to change the intensity and direction of the pressure. Suggested frequency: Daily – 1 week,

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Video: How To Avoid Text Neck While On Public Transport

Text Neck is an overuse condition brought on by repetitive forward head carriage and bending of the neck while using electronic devices, such as phones, tablets and laptops. This results in neck stiffness, tension headaches, shoulder pain or numbness and tingling. Dr. Alfie has made a video to show you a simple way to avoid Text Neck while maintaining your privacy on public transport.

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