How do you lose weight using a sauna?

Saunas have become popular for managing weight for three important reasons:

  • Water loss: Sweating in a sauna makes you immediately a few grams.
  • Reduced toxins, reduced water retention: Toxins and metabolites produced by the body through our everyday metabolic processes can accumulate and cause water to be retained in the tissues.  Water retention helps to keep toxins from harming the body through dilution but also results in weight gain. A Far-Infrared Sauna session helps detoxify and flush the body of these toxins from the tissues and reduces the body's need to retain water.  The result is weight loss in the long term but also a body less weighed down by toxic metabolites!
  • Increased Metabolic Rate, Burn more kilojoules: The real reason why sauna bathing is an effective weight loss tool is because it increases your metabolic rate in the heat. Energy is expended for perspiration and maintaining the body's core temperature stable in the heat. A 30-minute sauna session can burn up to 800 calories plus the added calories expended after the session as the body's metabolic rate remains raised.

Regular sauna sessions can help increase metabolism and help manage your weight better.

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